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Friday 23 May 2008

Putting Up Event – The entries are now in hot off the press!

What a most amazing collections of preserves that have been submitted for the ‘Putting Up’ Event! I am truly in awe by the amount of outstanding preserves we Bloggers have achieved – you really do rock guys!! If you fancy browsing through the entries I have linked them here or visit Pixes blog who has put together a most amazing collection of video clips to watch of all the entries.

Many thanks from me for partaking in this event and making it very successful. My congratulations got to Cos Niecos on winning the Jams and Preserves book, which was kindly donated by Pixie for this event.

Anchovies in Vinegar: Spanish Recipes, Spain
Apple Jam: Essence of Andhra, U.S.A.
Apple Pie Jam: Columbus Foodie, U.S.A.
Apricot Cherry and Vanilla Jam: Coco Cooks,U.S.A.
Apricot Jam: Almond Corner, Switzerland
Banana Jam: Souvlaki for the Soul, Australia
Basil Almond Pesto: Passionate about Baking...and Beyond, India
Berbere: Ethiopian Spice Paste: Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen, Sweden
Black tea Flavoured Orange Marmalade: Briggis recept och ideer, Italy
Blueberry Spice Jam: Cooking in an Apron, U.S.A.
Carrot Relish: Cos Niecos, Poland
Chili Sauce: Shazam in the Kitchen, U.S.A.
Chundo: Sweet and Spicy Grated Mango: My Diverse Kitchen, India
Clementine Curd: You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomayto, U.K.
Courgette, Radish and Kohlrabi Pickle: Food Stories, U.K.
Crabapple and Promegranate Jelly with Rosebuds: A Life (Time)of Cooking, Australia
Crack Beans: Shazam in the Kitchen, U.S.A.
Cranberry Preserves: Diet, Dessert and Dogs, Canada
Fresh Fig Conserve: Morsels & Musings, Australia
Grape Jam: My Food Blog, India
Grape & Strawberry Marmalade: I peccati di gola di..Tatiana e Claudia, Italy
Kumquat Marmalade: Cooking Like I Mean It, U.S.A.
Lemon and Raspberry Curds: Homemades, New Zealand
Lemon Curd: Food, Glorious Food! U.K.
Lemon Curd: Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once, Australia
Lemon Pickle, Authentic South Indian: Paajaka, India
Lemon and Lime Marmalade: Rosie Bakes a 'Peace' of Cake, U.K.
Lemon, Grapefruit and Ginger Marmalade: Choos & Chews, Malaysia
Malaysian Rempah Paste: Equal Opportunity Kitchen, Canada
Mango Jam: What's Cooking?, U.S.A.
Mango Relish: Ruth's Kitchen Experiments, Ireland
Moroccon Preserved Lemons: More Than Burnt Toast, Canada
Onion Chutney: Dil-Se, India
Onion Jam: Cos Niecos, Poland
Onion & Chilli Marmalade: Rock Cakes, Scotland
Orange Butter: Mil Postres, Spain
Orange & Rhubarb Jam: Tinned Tomatoes, U.K.
Pickled Peaches: Heaven on Earth, U.S.A.
Pineapple Jam: Kedai Hamburg, Germany
Pineapple Chutney: Food Blogga, U.S.A.
Pineapple and Live Curd with Apricots: Bounteous Bites, Estonia
Plum Jam: Laws of the Kitchen, Australia
Plum Stew: Homemades, New Zealand
Quince Jam: Canela's Kitchen, Chile
Quince Preserves: Isa's Cooking, Chile
Ramp Kimchi: Feeding Maybelle, U.S.A
.Raspberry Jam: DK'S Culinary Bazaar
Rhubarb Relish: Green Gourmet Giraffe, Australia
Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce: Kittens in the Kitchen, U.K.
Sorrel Leaves Chutney: My Food Blog, India
Strapple Sauce: Lori's Lipsmacking Goodness, U.S.A.
Strawberries & Champagne Jam: Palachinka, Serbia
Strawberry Jam: Kopiaste, Greece
Strawberry, Orange, and Clove Jam: Choos & Chews, Malaysia
Strawberry Jam: Dhivya's Cuisine, U.S.A.
Strawberry Jelly: Tangerine's Kitchen Hangout!, India
Strawberry Jelly, Abby's: Confabulation in the Kitchen, U.S.A.
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam: Mike's Table, U.S.A.
Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam: You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomayto, U.K.
Strawberry Jam: Okara Mountain, U.S.A.
Sweet Tomato Chutney: Post Collegiate Cooking a Deux
Tamarind Jam: Coffee & Vanilla, U.K.
Three Citrus Curd,Cherry lime, Three Citrus Curd, Strawberry Freezer Jam: Elle's New England Kitchen, U.S.A.
Various Canned Goods: The Art of the Pig, U.S.A.
Vegetable Toursi: Kalofagas, Canada
Watermelon Rind Preserves: Coco Cooks, U.S.A.
Zesty Red Onion Jelly: Big Black Dogs, U.S.A.

Well Done To Everyone & Many Thanks for Partaking!!!


Unknown said...

WOW!! a great array of home-made preserves. so,ething I love to tuck in the pantry :) Great job, Pixie and Rosie. Great job, everyone!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I have been over to Pixie's site to see the roundup. What an amazing turnout ladies!!!

Sylvie said...

Wow, Rosie, what a great response! I meant to do something too, but never got round to it. I hope you'll repeat the event some time!

Finla said...

Wow Rosie lot of entries from all over the world.
Wonderful round up.

Gloria Baker said...

Congrats to the Winer, sniff sniff, love this Book!! xxxxxGloria

Ruth Strong said...

What a great response to a great event!!!!

Great work everyone!

Silvia - Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Wow so many entries! this is amazing dear!
I must admit that I'm addicted to your blog :-D it's impossible for me not to come here every day
A big kiss darling

Anonymous said...

What a great colletion of recipes! I am sure the participants had a blast making these:) Gotta go check some out:)

Uma said...

That was a really great round up, Rosie! Just visited Pixie's blog too, but couldn't put a comment there. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event. Have a great weekend.

Lori said...

Wow you have a lot of really great entries. Nice job pulling it all together. Thanks for doing the event. I am off to check them all out!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

What an amazing collection Rosie :)
Hope you had wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Rosie, I agree what an amazing collection of jams, chutneys, preserves, jellies and sauces. I know what I'm doing this summer. So much talent, maybe we should all get together and open a store lol.

Deeba PAB said...

What a lip-smacking array of preserves index to be 'preserved'! Have bookmarked it & will keep coming back to try stuff out...well done my dear!xoxoxo

Cakelaw said...

This is definitely the A-Z of jams and preserves - thanks for posting this list Rosie!

Silvia - Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Rosie honey I've a got an award for you :-D

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is gülten from turkey. ı like your recipes. your foods is very interesting. ı wait your visit to my blog. by.

zlamushka said...

Hi Rosie,
Thanx for letting me participate, it was a lot of fun. I hope you re participating my Tried And Tasted event over at my blog.

Swati said...

Wow.. what a lovely collection of preserves here Rosie..
Am bookmarking this also :)))

Donna said...

Good morning sweetie! These are really nice blog sites. Thanks for taking the time to link them! Hope you've been well and happy!!hughugs

Ivy said...

This was a great idea Rosie and Pixie and thanks for organizing it. I would love to make each an every recipe and will be linking at your blogs to read these recipes often.

Lore said...

I suspect that this list will keep me busy for quite a while :)

Rosie said...

Many thanks everyone and also once again for all those wonderful entries :D

Silvia awe thank you sweetie for the award it will be treasured! :)

zlamushka, Ooooh I must pop along and of course I would love to join your event :)

gülten, many thanks for calling by and a warm welcome too. My what a lovely blog you have too :)

Sorry my 'dear' friends I am a little behind in the blogging world due to having a national holiday here - I will be calling
by very soon :D

With best wishes Rosie x

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

A big round of applause to everyone involved!

dabrah said...

Rosie, this is wonderful. I'm going to check out every single one of these blogs and recipes.

tartasacher said...

Hello Rosie
Thanks for your visits and comments in my blog.
Very good the round of event "Putting up".

The recipe after eight is so beautiful and very, very good. The mint and chocolat...ummm

Best and whises

JillyB said...

That's a stunning array of preserves Rosie. What an amazing event. It makes me want to get the preserving pan out here (but I'll have to wait as it's moving into winter!)Well done for organising it.

test it comm said...

Nice roundup. That are a lot of things to look at.

Rosie said...

Thank you everyone :) It will be lovely to try out some of these wonderful preserves too at some stage :)

Many thanks for calling by and you kind comments!

Best wishes Rosie x