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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Great British Pudding Challenge April 08 – Queen of Puddings

Edit Post 6th April o8

I have now completed my own pudding challenge for this month and my feedback on this pudding is one of great joy. I had forgotten just how delicious this pudding is when I made this today for after Sunday lunch. It is a light pudding but the flavours and textures are outstanding, a slight hint of lemon erupts from the custard breadcrumbs following sublime sweetness from the layer of jam and the grand ultimate sweet crispness from the meringue. I served mine with a little single cream and with great reviews from the family and when are you going to make this again!!

This month’s pudding is a very old English traditional pudding that dates back into the 17th century. Bread was highly valued and any stale bread would be transformed into something like this pudding and would not be wasted. Even today when we are becoming more aware of wastage and what we throw out, I think this pudding stands the test of time and a great way to utilise stale bread. I used to eat this pudding as a child and quite forgot about this little gem until a few months ago when I was pondering on a pudding for Sunday lunch. It is very light and in my opinion one of the finest tasting puddings I have eaten.

You are invited to join me in my quest of “The Great British Pudding Challenge”. Anyone can join in whatever nationality. I do ask that you please leave a link with a comment if you join in to enable me to link up your site for the round up.

This month’s challenge runs from 1st April until the 30th April.
For anymore information click on this link The Great British Pudding Challenge

Queen of Puddings

Serves 4

75g (3 oz) fresh breadcrumbs, made for day old bread
25g (1 oz) butter
Grated rind of half a lemon
100g (4 oz) caster sugar
2 large eggs
275ml (½ pint) of whole milk
3 tbsp raspberry jam – heated through

You will need a well buttered 1.2 litre (2 pint) pie-dish.


Put the breadcrumbs into a large basin and leave aside. Place into a saucepan the milk, half of the sugar, butter and lemon rind and bring to the boil. Pour this over the breadcrumbs and leave to soak for 20 minutes. Separate the eggs and add the egg yolks to the crumb mixture and beat through. Place the whites of the eggs into a clean grease-free bowl for later use.

Place into the centre of a preheated oven 180°C/350°F/Gas mark 4 for 20 minutes or until set. Leave to cool for 5 minutes then spread the warmed jam over the top gently, (ensuring not to break the skin that has formed on top.) Beat the egg whites until stiff then gently add the sugar folding in. Pile the meringue on top of the jam and sprinkle with the extra tablespoon of sugar over the meringue top. Place back into the oven for approximately 20 minutes or until the meringue is set and lightly browned.

Serve with cream, custard, ice cream or on its own the choice is yours.

Edit - James from The Cotswold Food year has submitted his delicious entry for this challenge from a Queen of Puddings he has posted on his blog from a little while back - please do go over and take a peek.
Edit - Nic from Cherrapeno has submitted her pud 'Fit for a Queen' it looks stunning my friends so pleased do head over and take a peek - I know it will make you drool as much as it did me :)
Edit - Cakelaw from Laws of The Kichen has submitted a most wonderful pudding fit for a Queen. If you want some serious drooling time do go head over and take a peek or drool as the case maybe :)
Edit - Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen experiments has also submitted a stunning Queen of Puddings again fit for any Queen! Do take a peek and drool over her entry :)
Edit -Dhanggit from Dhanggit's Kitchen has posted a stunning pudding using Pannetone for the bread - a most wonderful take on Queen of Puddings - please do go and take a peek :)


James said...

I do mean to do your pudding challenge but never quit get round to it. I'll have to with the lemon sponge from las month as I've sold it to someone in 2 week's time. The Queen of puddings I've been meaning to make again after seeing a few recipes of it recently. Meanwhile I'll have to make do with the one I made 2 years ago.....

Rosie said...

Hi James, I fully understand how time sometimes seems to fly by each month and trying to fit everything in at times is impossible. Oh the lemon sponge can't wait to view that pudding :) I have linked your Queen of Puddings up now and it really does look delicious mmmmmm... thanks for sharing!

best wishes Rosie x

Pixie said...

Hey Rosie, You know how thrilled I am for doing these pudding challenges. We love them! Question about the bread, can I possibly use stale croissants? Do you think that would work just fine?

off to check out james pudd now

Rosie said...

Hi Pix, I can't see any reason why croissants can't be used, in fact I think its a great idea. James Martin has a great recipe for his bread & butter pud where he uses croissants and it's delsih.

Best wishes Rosie x

Jules said...

I've always wanted to make this pud, and this is the perfect opportunity :)

Rosie said...

Oh great news Jules :) I hope you take the opportunity and join us this month :)

best wishes Rosie x

glamah16 said...

Well the ingrediants seem simple enough. This Nigerian/American might have to tackle this if time permits!

Ivy said...

Hi Rosie, until now I did not understand that you hosted this event. I would love to participate but I don't understand how. Do we use the ingredients in your recipe? Pls tell me more.

Rosie said...

Hi coco, Oh great I do hope you’re able to join me in this month’s challenge :D

Hi Ivy, I would love you to join with me in this month’s challenge : D

I do like to ask for everyone to bake the same pudding but of course you can add your own touches like Pixie would like to use croissants instead of breadcrumbs, hope this is ok?

You can also make small ramekin puddings with this recipe and half the ingredients if you wish.

It’s each individual’s choice of what to serve with each pudding be it cream, custard etc. When you have made and blogged your pudding all I ask is that you pop a comment on here to enable me to link your site up with mine like I have with James on the posting.

I hope I'm making sense here with all my ramblings, if not just fire away more questions my way :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Ivy said...

Thanks Rosie for the explanations. Shall try and do my best.

Abitofafoodie said...

Ooh - I adore this pudding. And I might just be able to adapt this for one - I'll have a go!

Chibog in Chief said...

count me in dear..would love to joing this pudding challenge !!!

David Hall said...

The Queen of puddings is indeed a classic British pud and once again, you have unearthed one of my faves that I have not made for years! So I am going to - watch this space.

David x

Rosie said...

Hi Ivy, wonderful I am so pleased :D

Hi Antonia, good news I’m pleased you’re joining me this month too :D

Hi Dhanggit, brilliant news so pleased :D

Hi David, I hope you manage to join in too if possible :D

Thank you all & I can't wait to view your puds!!

Best wishes Rosie x

Cakespy said...

This one sounds SERIOUS--I can't wait to see all the puddings!! I adore pudding when it's done right like this.

Rosie said...

Hi Cakespy, this is such an old type pudding that has stood the test of time and very easy to make and very delicious. It will be great to see the round up of how others make thier own mark on pud :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

Hi Rosie, I have always wondered what this pudding tastes like. The recipe is in my home economics book, so now I'll get a chance to tste it.

Rosie said...

Hi cakelaw, I think you will like this pudding :) Its such an old recipe and I thought it would be fun to bring this one out to try! So pleased you are joining me again with the challenge - thanks ;D

Best wishes Rosie x

Ruth Strong said...

Hey Rosie, this sounds like a great pud! One I know Rob will like... I mean what's not to like, sponge, jam, meringue!!! It's perfect!

KayKat said...

Mmm ... bread pudding makes me happy! Think I'll try this with some whiskey sauce this weekend :)

Lore said...

Hi Rosie!
This sounds like a great event and I hope I can participate (I have some oven related problems, can I try my hand at making this pudding in the microwave oven?)

Lore said...

I just saw the meringue and now I'm convinced this can't be done in the MO :(

Rosie said...

Hi Ruth, I adore this pudding so easy to make and packs combo of textures. I hope you will try this one out on Rob :D

Hi Kaykat, now this pud and whiskey sauce sounds a perfect duo to me too yum - enjoy :D

Hi Lore, I would really love you to join in this event, but sorry to hear about your oven problems doesn’t that suck when things go wrong!!!! Perhaps you can join us next month I hope!

Thank you all for popping by and always lovely to *see* you here :D

Rosie x

Maria♥ said...

Rosie love how your pudding turned out, all those different layers of yumminess ;o)


Rosie said...

Hi Maria, thanks sweetie and hubby helped himself to two portions of this pud lol :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Nic said...

Hi Rosie, my post went up today. I love Q of P, thanks so much for choosing it!

Esther said...

Looks lovely. I am slowly getting back on track both with cooking and joining in the various blogging events I like such as this one. As the new addition to the family is still only six weeks things`are hectic and I rarely have enough stale bread for such recipes being gluten free but I will keep an eye out for the next one and hope to join in again then. After all the health visitor says it's important to have me time and treats and cooking nice puds every now and then seems to fit both :)

Rosie said...

Hi Nic, oh thank you I am going to link your site and pud up now on this post :) Many thanks for atking part sweetie :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Rosie said...

Hi Esther, congrats once again on your new born :) Yes please take it steady for a while. I look forward to you taking part as and when you're able.

Best wishes Rosie x

Jules said...

Rosie - just to let you know I've posted my Queen of Puddings.

Cakelaw said...

Hi Rosie,

I've done it - and I love it!! This one is my favourite by miles - I ate the whole lot by myself in 3 sittings (yup, I am now the size of an elephant). My post is here:

Ruth Strong said...

Hi Rosie, I've been trying to get round to making this for a few weeks now but have had no luck. I'm really hoping to make it on Thursday. Sorry I'm a slow poke!

Ruth Strong said...

Hey Rosie. got it done and posted here. Sorry I'm late!

Rosie said...

Hi Ruth, many thanks for taking part! Your pudding looks delicious sweetie :)

Best wishes Rosie x