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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Would you Lemon or Lime it?

On my travels through my blogging friends yesterday, I came a cross such a wonderful Buttermilk Lime Cake that Dell had baked at Cooking and The City. She has described the flavours and textures perfectly and also has some brilliant other bakes and wonderful cooking recipes on her blog, so please do go and take a look!

Now I am a lover, as you know of citrus flavoured cakes, after reading through Dell’s recipe I couldn’t wait to bake this cake! I hadn’t planned on baking anything today after yesterday’s” White Chocolate Heaven” muffins, but I just couldn’t hold back until this weekend to try the recipe out. This recipe is very easy to follow and it was such an enjoyment to bake this cake. I know this cake will now stay in my favourite list of what to bake!!

The only things I have altered to the recipe are, the temperature to the oven due to having such a fierce fan oven myself. I baked my cake at 150°C for about 1 hour. I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the sponge mixture and a little lime zest to the icing, this is only because I just cannot help myself tinkering with any recipe I come across. I should have put that as one of my bad habits in my Meme!

I even thought this cake would be just as delicious made with lemon. Would you lemon or Lime it? :D

Buttermilk Lime Cake

Ingredients (serves 8)
250g butter, softened
2 limes, rind finely grated, juiced
1 cup caster sugar
3 eggs, separated
2 cups self-raising flour, sifted
210ml buttermilk
Lime icing
1 cup pure icing sugar, sifted
1 teaspoon milk
1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons lime juice

Preheat oven to 170°C. Grease and line a 20cm (base) round cake pan.

Using an electric mixer on high speed, cream butter, 1 tablespoon lime rind and sugar in a small bowl until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks, 1 at a time, mixing well after each addition.

Transfer to a large bowl. Stir in half the flour. Add half the buttermilk and 1 tablespoon lime juice. Stir to combine. Fold in remaining flour and buttermilk and 1 tablespoon lime juice. Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites in a clean bowl until soft peaks form. Fold into batter.

Spread batter into cake pan and smooth surface. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes in pan. Turn onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Make lime icing: Combine icing sugar, milk and enough lime juice to form a thick icing.

Spread icing over top of cake. Allow to set before serving.


Maria said...

Another lovely bake Rosie, I am sure Dell will be very proud ;o)


Rosie said...

Hi Maria, awe thanks and I just hope I've made Dell proud of her recipe! :D Thanks for calling by sweetie!

Rosie x

Cakespy said...

Oh man. What a perfect taste for this time of year, fresh and springy. It looks wonderful. As for lemoning or liming it--I'd take it either way. Or both, for a citrus jolt!

RecipeGirl said...

Hi Rosie,

This sounds lovely and I'm a lover of all things lime and lemon so either would be ok w/ me! I made a Meyer Lemon Loaf the other day... did you see that one on my blog? Thanks for stopping by- your blog is lovely too :)

Happy cook said...

I too sew this in her place.
I love these lemon cakes. For me cakes like these are the best.
Did you get the comment i wrote in your white cup cake post?.
WHile i finishe writting and clicked it, didn't know if it went or not.

Rosie said...

Hi Cakespy, oh I love the idea of a citrus jolt and adding both mmmm – thumbs up from me! :D

Hi Recipegirl, Lovely to see you here and welcome . Oooh your Meyer Lemon Loaf was a beautiful bake and your curd had me drooling!!

Hi Happy, yes a lovely bake from dear Dell – I’m such a sucker for a good citrus burst in bakes. You must try Dell’s recipe sometime I’m sure you will love it as much as I. Bless thank you I did get your lovely comment on the White chocolate muffins! :D

Thanks ladies for all your kind comments and for taking the time to call by!

Rosie x

Indigo said...

I also love citrus in baking - I'd like to have a go making this with lemon, I think ^__^. Looks great!

Rosie said...

Hi indigo, welcome so nice to *see* you & thanks for popping by :) I can't make my mind up here now erm ... lemom, lime or both lol Such a great bake that Dell posted I knew I had to bake it asap!

Rosie x

Ivy said...

I liked your twist with the lime. Sounds very good.

Peter M said...

Rosie, either or...depending on what's freshest.

A lovely pie.

Bellini Valli said...

I think I would try lime simply because I have a bag of them in my fridge :D It sure does look good Rosie...almost supper time :D

ruthEbabes said...

I feel all left out now! I want some!!!!!

Cakelaw said...

Yum Rosie - I love citrus flavoured cakes too. I'll have to check out Dell's site!

Donna said...

I give up....I'm just coming to your house!!!LOL...

Sagari said...

rosie u baked a lovely cake and I can imagine the taste from the pic

Sagari said...

u got a surprice in my blog chech it out

Pixie said...

This sounds wonderful, I am craving a bit of a lemon cake right now (yesterday's piece at starbucks was hardly enough!)

MrsB said...

Hi Rosie,

Your cake looks lovely, i love lemon and lime flavours, it's a tough choice but I think i would 'lime' it too! My mum makes a very tasty lemon cake though! It's lovely and refreshing in spring!

Anonymous said...

lemon or lime??? well u'd go for anything if my cake looked like this... simply yummmmm.... :)

Rosie said...

Hi Ivy, I’m just drawn I think to any citrus fruit in general but the lime was excellent in this cake!

Hi Peter, great answer you are so right about the fruit being fresh with all its lovely mouth watering juices mmmm…

Hi Val, oh wow a bag of limes ready for the taking – splendid indeed! :

Hi Ruth, you are most welcome to a slice :D

Hi Cakelaw, please do pop along to Dells its such a lovely recipe :D

Hi Donna, anytime sweetie and I’ll bake a special cake just for you :D

Hi Sargi, it really is a delicious flavoured cake – a must bake! Awe thank you sweetie for the Award it’s made my day !! :D

Hi Pixie, you are most welcome to a slice – never tasted Starbucks cakes before *blush* ……

Hi Mrs B, I think it is the refreshing clean taste of citrus fruit that makes it so pleasing in a cake. Perhaps you will blog your mums lemon cake sometime plz ?? :D

Lovely to see you all and thanks for your kind comments!

Rosie x

Half Baked said...

I saw this cake on Dell's blog and thought it looked fantastic! Your version is beautiful,,,now I can't wait to make this:)

Rosie said...

Hi snakebite, awe thanks you really have put a huge smile on my face! :D

Hi Half Baked, Ahhh thank you! I do hope you try this cake out its a great recipe of Dells :D

Thank you both for your kind words much appreciated!

Rosie x

White On Rice Couple said...

Loove this recipe with the lovely brightness of the limes. Limes! Limes! Limes! When we make this, it will be our first lime cake. We'll make sure to credit you for the idea!


I love citrus flavour desserts..and just wish I could dig into this!! Looks inviting!!
Read your meme too...nice to know more about you Rosie!!
Cheers and all the best!!

Rosie said...

Hi White on Rice Couple, welcome to my little spot on the net and lovely to *see* you here! :D

This buttermilk lime cake is gorgeous and I really would appreciate the credit but this cake is not my invention sadly (I only wish it was) it’s from a great recipe posted by Dell at Cooking & The City.

Hi Swati, I wish I could just pass you a slice over to try ;) Lol yes MeMe’s are good to getting to know about the person even the nitty gritty bits heehee..

Thank you both for calling by always lovely to see you here!

Rosie x

Cooking and the City said...

Rosie thanks for baking my cake, yours looks great & I know it was delicious :-)

ps I'll be asking you for icing tips, LOL I always make a mess of it ;-) hugs!

Dell xo

Rosie said...

Hi Dell, thank you SO much sweetie for sharing this recipe on your blog! :D It is a beautiful cake and one I will be baking many times!!

You cake looks delicious sweetie and the icing is perfect - no need for any icing tips you already have great skills!!

Hugs Rosie x