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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Hot from the press & into my oven - stout, oat and honey knots

Freshly baked from the oven and cooling

Dan Lepard’s striking stout, oat and honey knots were a ‘piece’ of cake to bake from his exclusive recipe posted 23rd November 2007 in “The Word of Mouth Guardian ”

I just couldn’t wait to try this recipe out today. I’ve never baked bread with stout and oats before so this was a brand new venture for me. Mixing, kneading and proving the dough before baking may seem time consuming, but in-between sit back, kick off those shoes and relax. I found Dan’s recipe very instructive every step of the way, don’t be hesitant and give this recipe ago.

I really can’t begin to describe that wonderful smell of freshly baked bread wafting through my kitchen. My taste buds tingled in anticipation for that first bite into one of those delightful stout, oat and honey knots.

I wasn’t far wrong in my assumptions of them being good, and they would be gorgeous served as a Ploughman’s lunch. There’s none of that pappiness in these rolls, which you get from mass produced bread!

I will defiantly be baking these time and time again…….


Happy cook said...

Love the bread and the filling.
I make bread at home but i've a bread machine, but after summer i've not made any, should start again.
As i am buying theses days spelt bread and this time i had to pay 4.8O € so was saying to myself better start making the bread again than paying so much money

Jeena said...

Hey Rosie I could just take a bite out of that ploughmans sandwich yum! I never made this recipe before either it sure does look good. :)

Maria said...

Now this does look yummy, wonderful looking rolls and especially with the salmon and cream cheese filling.


Rosie said...

Hi Happy cook,
Spelt flour is a really lovely old flour to work with but So expensive for you :( I’m lucky enough to be able to buy my different flours in my local supermarket – normally by Dove farm.

Hi Jeena,

I really can vouch for these rolls and very simple to make too. The taste is very much like granary bread I thought.

Hi Maria,

One of my favourite fillings cream cheese and smoked salmon I have to admit lol A very nice recipe to try out when you want to have some fun in the kitchen.

Thanks ladies for calling by and your lovely comments too :)

Rosie x

Happy cook said...

Rosi if i buy the flour it is not expensive, it is expensive if i buy the splet bread from the bakers. SO now i am going to start making my bread again

Rosie said...

Oh sorry Happy cook I got the wrong end of the stick here. Yes homemade bread must work out cheaper for you than the prices in the shop, plus its much nicer don't you think?

Rosie x