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Saturday, 22 September 2007

I’m on the Nigella Express!

Cherry Cheesecake

I had been waiting for Nigella to release her new cookery book with avid interest. I love the retro format of this book and the photography of food sings out to be cooked or baked. I have various cookbooks that I enjoy reading and others that I leave at hand to cook or bake from.

Nigella’s ‘Feast’ cookbook is one I have turned to many times for inspiration, I am sure 'Nigella Express' will be the same. If I want to cook or bake quickly and lets face it who doesn’t as some point, this is a great cookbook to own. I’m on the Nigella Express and will be working my way through her new recipes.
On flicking through pages, I was lured by a gorgeous Cherry Cheesecake. I couldn’t believe how quickly one could create such a stunning dessert. I wondered if the ease and quickness of the recipe would compromise the taste or texture of the cheesecake? I can now report, the biscuit base is whizzed in the processor and the filling is a whipped affair, which is left to set in the fridge for several hours. For the fruit topping, a luscious spread of cherry conserve. The biscuit base is crisp and the cheese filling is light and moist with just enough sweetness. I wasn’t able to purchase the brand of Black Cherry Conserve Nigella used, but as the Domestic Goddess herself advises, use another brand name as long as it says conserve as opposed to jam. I’m sure Mr R and family will request this recipe many times again.


Ange said...

Looking fwd to seeing what you make from this book - until then I will try & stop myself from buying it - I own way too many cookbooks!

Rosie said...

Hi ange,
Tee hee, I know that feeling well of owning far too many cookbooks! I will be cooking my way through and posting about each recipe as I go a long.