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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Glamorgan Sausages

I love to watch foodie programmes on the TV and I was tuned in one weekend to U.K.T.V. food. Imagine this setting; there was I feet up on the sofa with a lovely cup of tea in hand. On comes Sophie Grigson’s weekend food show and she was demonstrating making veggie sausages called Glamorgan sausages. I was really taken with this idea and I found the recipe on the U.K.T.V. food web site and knew I had to make these for lunch sometime.

Mission accomplished and now I can tell you all about these divine veggie sausages, you wouldn’t expect anything different from me now would you? I used a strong Cheddar cheese knowing I needed a good strong flavour; this is the base to the sausages after all. English mustard powder is a fantastic enhancer it brings out all the best qualities in the cheese so please don’t be afraid to use it for a more mellow mustard. The best way to mix all the ingredients was by hand; I like to feel the texture of the mixture to ensure not too much fluid is added to bind it all together. The messy part comes when you roll each sausage into the eggy glue and then into the breadcrumbs. I learnt the hard way here * giggle * only to use one hand and keep the other one clean just in case the phone rings!

I brought some freshly baked rolls from a little bakers shop to honour these magnificent beasts. Served with lashings of tomato ketchup and French fries I had one happy family on my hands. Even Mr R who isn’t a veggie person was perfectly happy munching away and thoroughly savouring them!

You will find the recipe link here.

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