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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Cheesy Feet Anyone?

I just love quirky things and stumbling across Nigella Lawson’s Cheesy Feet in her Feast cookery book amused me. No I haven’t got a foot fetish but play on words by the Domestic Goddess herself was rather smart I thought.

I needed to create these biscuits when family members arrived to visit only to say four words, “anyone for cheesy feet?” Oh my, the reaction on everyone’s face was worth every penny I paid out for my 3 feet cutters! I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to watch the fiasco unfold. I nipped quickly into the kitchen to have a good laugh and I could hear comments buzzing around the living room. I’m sure the family thought I’d gone completely mad!

As I re-entered into the living room I presented my Cheesy Feet biscuits to them, an almighty roar of laughter rocked the room. I also bet sighs of relief were in there too some how * giggle *

The debut of my Cheesy Feet biscuits went down a storm and they make many an appearance by request these days.

Cheese Scones Recipe (used for Cheesy Feet) link here

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Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Your post 5 Sept 07 - I knew I'd seen it in Feast, this just came up on my linkwithin for a new post I did for cheesy feet - I cheated though. It does sound funny to ask anyone for cheesy feet, some kids get it and others just think you're barking mad.