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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Malteser Cake

"Its party time folks so lets kick off our shoes and start to party" *La-la-la- la-la, a glass of wine in hand and swaying to the music*.

Today it's Mr R's birthday, he likes to think he's 21 again but I know different, he received the key to the door many moons ago ;-D

Mr R adores Malteser sweets and when I found a recipe in Nigella's 'Feast' cookery book for a Malteser cake it was like a dream come true for him. "A whole cake of sheer indulgent maltiness with crowns of maltesers to adorn the top"!!!! This I have to say, is the third year running of baking this cake for Mr R's birthday, his own choice in the matter you can gather here. This must say to any Malteser fan out there, "this is a cake for you".

This recipe uses cocoa and holicks for that combo of choc and malt. The sponge has no creaming due to the milk, butter and holicks which are melted in a saucepan and blended into the other ingredients. There is a typo in this recipe with one of the ingredients, the butter for the sponges the correct weight should be 150g not 15g. The icing couldn't be more simpler by blitzing in a food processor. You will also need 2 x 20cm sandwich tins greased and lined to bake the sponges.

I did find the recipe on the web if you haven't got the cookery book click here. Happy baking folks................

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