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Monday, 6 August 2007

An English Rose & A Quince

I wanted to share these beautiful pink roses with you from my garden. My only wish, scratch and sniff were available here to share their delicate perfume.

I planted this climbing fragrant pink rose bush on a south/west facing wall some years ago. Every year this bush never ceases to impress with its glorious show of pink buds and flowers. They lap happily over the wall giving a gentle peek to all who pass by. A few cut stems of roses in a vase are always welcome in my living room at anytime.

The other side of the wall I have a little quince shrub, below is a photo of one of the fruits. In spring time it produces beautiful pink blossoms and come Autum time, fragrant fruits. I planted this shrub mainly for the flowers finding out later to my surprise, the fruit is an excellent bonus. The fruit somewhat resembles the apple but the texture is much harder with many more pips. Add a couple of quince's to a bowl in a room and this will give out a gorgeous fragrance, after all I gather the quince is related to the rose tree.

I am thinking this year of adding a quince or two to another batch of Apple Jelly. I've never used quince before in the Apple Jelly.

Now I begin to wonder what a slice or two of quince would taste like in a good home-made apple pie? It's known that some folks add cheese to their apple pies, so why not add a quince I ask myself ?* !*? I will keep you posted when mission accomplished lol.

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