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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Macaroon Creams

It’s a dark miserable day here in my part of the U.K., I woke up to rain and it hasn’t stopped all day! I thought to cheer myself up a light spot of baking would do me the world of good. My next thought was what should I bake today? Something with bright cheerful colours would be just perfect on a day like today and macaroons with bright colours of pinks, yellows and green buttercream seemed alluring! They are simple to create and in no time ready for eating. Taking one bite of these macaroons lead me into a wonderful almond flavoured slightly chewy creaminess of delight. These little macaroons would make such a great tea time treat and of course you can go wild with whatever colour theme you wish for the buttercream!

Macaroon creams

Makes 18 halves and 9 buttercream filled macaroons

2 egg whites
175g (6 oz) caster sugar
125g (4 ½ oz) ground almonds
25g (1 oz) ground rice
For The Buttercream
50g (2 oz) softened butter
100g (4 oz) icing sugar
Edible food colourings, pink, yellow & green

You will also need 2 baking trays lined with non-stick paper

Preheat oven 150°C/300F/Gas mark 2.
In a bowl free from any grease whisk the egg whites until stiff then add the sugar, ground almonds & ground rice folding in with a metal spoon until all incorporated. Scoop teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto the prepared baking trays but leaving room between each spoonful for the mixture to spread a little when baking. Place the trays into the preheated oven and bake for 20 minutes or until the macaroons are pale golden in colour. Leave to cool for a 5 minutes before placing onto a wire rack to completely cool.

Make the buttercream by putting the butter into a bowl and beat it until soft. Add the icing sugar a little at a time beating at each addition until all the icing sugar is incorporated and the buttercream is fluffy. Divide the buttercream equally into three bowls. Add a couple of drops of pink food colouring to one bowl, a couple of drops green food colouring to second bowl and a couple drops of yellow food colouring to third bowl. Mix the food colourings in each bowl until combined through and not streaking in colour. Spread some of pink buttercream onto the flat side of the macaroon and place a second macaroon on top and squeeze gently together, sandwich all the remaining macaroons in the same way with different buttercream colours.

Note: Depending on how large your teaspoons are you may get more macaroons from this mixture.


Kelly-Jane said...

They look beautiful, and just the thing to brighten up the grey weather :)

Maria said...

Rosie wow these are so gorgeous!! Now pass us over a pink one ;o)


Charlotte at Great Big Veg Challenge said...

beautiful colours in your macaroons rosie!

glamah16 said...

They are so colorful and cheery!

Happy cook said...

Here too weather is horrible rosie.
Most of the day it had been raining too.
I love macroons, till now never have made them.
This looks delicious as always.
Love the different colours.

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Wow! Eat your heart out Laduree!
I love macaroons and they certainly are cheerful.

Deborah said...

What fun cookies!! Makes me want to grab one from the screen!

Sylvie said...

These cheered me up by just looking at them!It has finally cleared up here up North, but it was dreadful all morning, I got soaked going to work.

Victoria Sponge said...

These are so colourful and pretty. I've never made macaroons and keep thinking that I must. Yum, yum!
Vicky xxx

Jeena said...

I love macaroons these look so colourful, great for a rainy day. :-)

Peter M said...

Isn't ground almond wonderful? The macaroons are lovely!

Gloria said...

Rosie these macarons look absolutely lovely and yummy!!! What`s lovely idea the colours!! xGloria

Uma said...

macaroons look too cute, Rosie! Love the colorful butter cream inside. Yummy!

Sagari said...

those cookies look soo colorfull rosie

Donna said...

These are so Happy looking!!LOL...Sorry about the rain though! I sure wish we'd get a little of it's starting to get a little dry! Happy baking sweetie!!hughugs

Kevin said...

Those macarons look good. The buttercream fillings are nice and colourful.

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Rosie you have really brightened up the dull day with those lovely colorful macaroons..
Glad you like the new look of my blog ..Thanx

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Rosie darling! You don't even know how much I understand it's raining and raining..what a miserable spring! it's even cold today!
:-D you are a goddess like always with this fantastic recipe..thanks a lot dear
I send you a hug :-D tihght watch out :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm new here, so wanted to say hello :-)

How do you get your macaroons to not-stick? I've tried all sorts, and will resort to rice paper next I think!

Sarah x

nicisme said...

Seeing these cheered me up no end - really lovely Rosie!
I see that there is ground rice in the recipe, does that give them a bit of 'crunch'? I've not seen that in a macaroon recipe before.

Rosie said...

Hi K.J. Awe thanks, hubby said re:buttercream that’s a little variant lol

Hi Maria, here you go sweetie a pink one passed over just for you :)

Hi Charlotte , welcome to my little space on the net and many thanks for calling by lovely to *see* you here :D For the colouring I used Wilton Pastes this time and the colour came out just as I wanted :D

HI Coco, thanks :D They were nice to brighten a dull day up!

Hi Happy, it didn’t stop raining here until bed time yesterday and you had it too :( I am sure you will enjoy Macaroons and so easy to make :D

Hi Erica, awe thanks sweetie :D

Hi Deborah, I pass you one through now :D

Hi Sylvie, Oh it was an awful day of rain wasn’t it yesterday, the macaroons certainly cheered me up baking them :D

Hi Vicky, oh you must make some they are so easy and made in minutes :D

Hi Jeena, awe thanks you’re so sweet :D

Hi Peter, yes ground almonds are brilliant I must have used bags and bags over the years :D

Hi Gloria, as always thank you sweetie :D

Hi Uma, the Wilton Paste colours are marvellous to use and you only need the tip of a cocktail stick of colour :D

Hi Sagari,it’s was so nice to have some colour yesterday after looking outside at all that grey miserable weather here....

Hi Donna, your wish is my command *giggle* It’s not nice when its all rain or all sun we can’t win!! Hugshugs xoxox

Hi Kevin, thank you it was great to have some joyful colours yesterday....

Hi Swati, thanks sweetie and your blog looks stunning :D

Hi Silvia, we are in flaming June as it is known here in England (or was when I was a child) it used to be one of the hottest month’s of summer. Sending you hugs too sweetie and hope that rain has stopped for you too :D

Hi Sarah, how lovely to *see* you here and a warm welcome!! How I get my macaroons to stop from sticking when baking is that I always use a Teflon non-stick mate(s) on my baking trays, they work a treat.

Hi Nic, the ground rice gave a nice little chewy crunch to the macaroons. Ground almonds could replace the amount of ground rice with without a problem.

Many, many thanks everyone for your lovely kind comments and its always lovely to *see* you hear thanks for calling by :D

Best wishes Rosie x

Anitha said...

Very sweet, colorful & yummy looking macroons :-)


Jaime said...

wow, i am so impressed! i am so intimidated by macarons i probably won't ever make them unless they are a DB challenge!

Ruth Elkin said...

These look soooo good. what fun treats with prettiful colours!

toontz said...

I am sorry, Rosie, I searched for an email address.

I hope you can join me!

JillyB said...

Those are so lovely and colourful!
PS,it's pouring over here too!:(

Cakelaw said...

These are so pretty with their brightly coloured icing - they would brighten up any dark miserable day!

giz said...

These are so cute with all the different colour buttercreams.

Emiline said...

They're beautiful! And so colorful.

I love rainy days...perfect for baking.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

This is sheer torture macaroons made me weep. All I had left was little shells & the rest of the batter bubbled like witches brew underneath!! Your macaroons are ever so pretty...*BOW* to you!! LOL Deeba

Dhanggit said...

my dear rosie, you need to teach me how to make on my knees hehehe..i love to learn how to make some coz i love love them

Ivy said...

Although I have not read your recipe, they look yummy. Promise to read it tomorrow as it is very late and I came to Award you the Yummy Award.

farida said...

I love macaroons! Never made them, always ate:)) Yours look lovely! I should give it a try one day.

The Caked Crusader said...

Weather - what weather? I wouldn't notice what the weather was if I had a plate of these to tuck into!

Mcwhisky said...

Beautiful macaroons and buttercream!

Lore said...

These sure look cheery Rosie! We had the exact same day today and my mood could've used your macarons :) YUMMY!

Indigo said...

Aww, these are so cute and colourful! I can't decide if I want a pink or yellow one... XD

Ivy said...

Sorry it took me a few days to come back. Your macaroons look wonderful. I love them and colouring the cream makes them so original. Never seen them like this. I shall bookmark this recipe. You make it look simple but I am sure they are not.

Rosie said...

Thank you my 'dear' friends for all your lovely comments :) they did make a rainy day seem cheerful.

Toontz, I would love to join in :) I will be in touch!

Ivy, awe thank you sweetie for the award so very kind of you to think of me :)

Deeba, I am sorry to hear about your Macaroons - gosh not sure what happened to them ekk....

Many thanks also 'dear' friends for taking the time to call by and post a comment :)

best wishes Rosie x

Gigi said...

Oh Rosie, those macarons look divine! I have yet to make a successful batch. You have certainly inspire me to give it another go!

Rosie said...

Hi Gigi, thank you & I am pleased to hear I have inspired you to bake another batch of macaroons :)

Best wishes & thanks for calling by - Rosie x

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Rosie, there is also award waiting for you on my blog :)


Donna said...

Just Checking on you sweetie!!hughugs