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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Awards Time & 6 Word MeMe

You Keep Me Blogging Award

I had the most wonderful surprise from the lovely Sylvie at A Pot of Tea and Biscuit. I am an avid reader of Sylvie’s blog with excellent writing and photos of food, a must visit if you haven’t already!

Sylvie has very kindly passed a wonderful award on to me “You Keep Me Blogging Award”. I feel very honoured to receive this award due to many fellow bloggers who equally deserve this award. Thank you SO much Sylvie for thinking me worthy of this wonderful award!!

I have had time to think of whom to pass this “You Keep Me Blogging Award” onto, I would dearly like to award you all but I have to choose just one person. I haven’t made my decision lightly because I visit so many outstanding blogs, and you all leave me feeling inspired and in admiration of you all. You encourage me with all your lovely comments and make blogging for me such a joy; I really do appreciate you my blogging friends and many THANKS to you all!!

The person I have in mind for this award has been my dear online friend for many years now. She has been my inspirational muse at times and without doubt spurred me on when my mojo for cooking or baking has diminished throughout the years. She has always given me encouragement when I have doubted myself about a certain dish or bake. Thank you Maria for being such a sweet and much treasured friend!! Maria also is a fantastic baker/cook don't take my word for it go and have a look on her blog!

So Maria from The Goddess’s Kitchen and with great pleasure, I would like to pass this award onto you!

6 Word Meme

I am a little late in posting this meme due to having guests over and the lovely Vi from Flowers in the Kitchen has tagged me for a 6 word memoir.

1. Perfectionist
2. Considerate
3. Hoarder.... just can’t throw away my food magazines :S
4. Protective
5. Caring
6. Loyal

I am supposed to tag 6 people but I would like to share this tag with anyone who wishes to take up the challenge of partaking on this 6 word meme.

E for Excellent” Award

I have been awarded by the lovely Margot from Coffee & Vanilla, “E for Excellent” Award. It really was such a pleasant surprise and I feel SO very honoured to receive this award. Thank you Margot I will treasure it!

I now have the pleasure in passing on this award on to a few of my fellow bloggers. My only wish I have here is that I could nominate everyone!

Drum roll please .....

I would like to pass this award onto bloggers who are all new additions to my blogroll who all have excellent blogs that are worth a visit.

Kelly Jane at Cooking The Books

George at Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess

Vi at Flowers in the Kitchen

Vicky at A Healthy Appetite

Brenda at Tea and Wheaten Bread

Sylvie at A Pot of Tea and a Biscuit

Loulou at Kitchen Moments in Time


Maria said...

Rosie I don't know what to say (I have tears in my eyes after reading that), I feel so honoured! Thank you sweetie for giving me this award, it means so much.

love and hugs

Bellini Valli said...

Congratulations on all yoru awards and accolades Rosie. It is all so well deserved. It is our blogging friends world wide that keep us blogging with their encouragement and kind words. Kudos and keep up the great spirit:D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Rosie, I feel very honoured. I will add the logo to my blog, just as soon as I work out how :)

George xx

Sylvie said...

Rosie, thank you so much, I'm flattered that you have chosen me alongside all these other great bloggers.

Uma said...

congrats on the well deserved awards, Rosie! That's a nice meme.

Rhyleysgranny said...

Ah nless your wee heart Rosie. How kind can you get?

violets said...

Rosie, thank you very much.

George beat me to it as I also don't know how to add it either.

Thank you for joining in on the fun too.

Vi xx

Vicky (victoria sponge) said...

Rosie that is so very kind of you. I'm absolutely bowled over that you have chosen me. Well done to everyone else. Lots of love,
Vicky xxx

Kelly-Jane said...

Thank you Rosie for the award :) I will do it soon!

Rhyleysgranny said...

Thank you you Rosie. How nice of you. I am all thrilled

nicisme said...

Well done on your awards Rosie! I love to read your blog - especially your cake decorating posts.

Rosie said...

Congratulations on your awards Maria, George, Sylvie, Brenda, Vi, K.J., Vicky & Loulou very well deserved ladies :D

Thank you Val & Uma I totally agree it is all our wonderful blogging friends that keep us blogging with all their kind words and encouragement without a doubt. :D

Vi to add to the side of your blog your Award go into layout and click on add a page element . Click on picture to add and a box pops up to add a caption and picture then save. Move to wherever you wish your award to be placed on your blog :D Hope this helps.

Best wishes Rosie x

Rosie said...

Hi Nic, awe thank you, you're such a sweetie!!

I will be making a Birthday cake this week so I will keep you posted!!

Best wishes Rosie x

Grace said...

i, too, am a hoarder of cooking magazines. i keep them because i tell myself that i'll need to go back through and cut out more recipes as my tastes change. do you think i've ever gone back through any? no. no, i haven't. :)

Ruth Elkin said...

That's a lot of stuff all at once! Well deserved awards and cool meme.

Rosie said...

Hi grace, thank goodness I am not alone in keeping my foodie mags :) Hahahaha if anything like me I just keep them just incase ;)

Hi Ruth, thank you sweetie :)

Best wishes Rosie x