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Monday, 7 January 2008

My Winning Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

In December I posted about being a winner of Hotel Chocolate. Now I am pleased to announce that I received my gifts today, it feels like Christmas all over again whoopee!! As you can well imagine I’m smiling like the cat thats got the cream here, combining two of my favourite things, chocolate and cookbooks!!

OK, I hear you ask what was your prize?

1. Hotel Chocolat 101 Best Loved Chocolate Recipes Book
2. Hotel Chocolat Editions Pink Champagne Truffles
My Winning Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Another Pic of My Winning Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Editions Pink Champagne Truffles

Oh my, I gave into temptation (doesn’t take much when its chocolate *giggle*) and slipped a pink champagne truffle into my mouth – just to try you understand! It was one of the most amazing experiences with chocolate I’ve ever had, coming from she who could eat chocolate for England. My dearest friend Maureen asked had I ever tasted this brand of chocolate before when she found out I had won. She did say I’d be in for a treat of my life and boy was she so right! The 101 Best Loved Chocolate Recipes Book is jammed packed with decedent delights, from well known chefs to food writers. It breaks down into sections of breakfast, elevenses, al a carte, teatime, desserts and lounge bar for recipes. I know one thing; I’ll be creating some of their recipes from this book very soon! You will find a few of thier recipes on this [link]

Many thanks to Hotel Chocolat for supplying such a great prize!

Rosie x


Maureen said...

I told you that they were a treat, arent they divine? I dont think I have ever had chocolate as good as those! Enjoy honey, you deserve them!

Happy cook said...

Congragulations again Rosie.
Well while you were explaing the expirence of the pink Champange truffels i wasjust drooling.
But have to admit i enjoyed the drooling while you were eating them :-)
Can't wait to see your creations from the book

Cakelaw said...

What a terrific prize! Congratulations once again. Pink champagne truffles ... my mouth waters at the very thought of them.

Jeena said...

Rosie you are so lucky those chocolates looks soooooo tasty!

You really deserve to win because you put a lot of effort into baking your delicious puddings and desserts. They always look and sound so delicious so it is lovely for you to receive a nice chocolatey gift. :-)

David Hall said...

You lucky thing! Well done. Fancy sharing?


Margaret said...

Congratulations Rosie!
A wonderful prize from Hotel Chocolat. They never fail to please - can we expect a couple of recipes from the book on your blog over the next few weeks?

Rosie said...

Hi Maureen, gosh girl you were so right and yes they are/were divine!! Now like you said this is one chocolate experience.

Hi Happy Cook, thank you and all I can say it was an amazing experience to try out these choccies :D

Hi Cakelaw, thank you and the taste DID run through the truffles of champagne :D

Hi Jeena, you are such a sweetie and thank you :D

Hi David, thank you and my only wish would be to share my truffles with my foodie friends :D

Hi Margaret, Thank you and you are so right regarding Hotel Chocolat. I am going to try and contact Hotel Chocolat and ask if possible due to copyrights if I can use a few of their recipes on my Blog.

Again thank you all, you really know how to make my day go with a huge smile!!

I wish I could have shared a truffle with you all because you all deserve one for being you and such good foodie friends :D

Rosie x

Donna said...

Congratulations Rosie!!! How wonderful everything looks! It's probably hard to know where to start!!! LOL
Eat harty me matey!! lol

Rosie said...

Hi Donna, I can't wait to start working my way through this book :)The family are eating harty with me regarding those truffles lol

Thanks for calling by always nice to *see* you :D

Rosie x

Keith said...

Congratulations Rosie and very well done .

Pleased for you .

Keith X