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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Chicken Korma - recipe from Jeena's Kitchen

It’s a cold day here in the North East of England and we woke up to a few scatters of snow. Its like a fairy has waved her magic wand and dusted us with glitter. I poked my head out of the door quickly with my camera just to show you. It hasn’t settled much but there’s a sharp nip in the air and my family are in need of something warming for our meal today.

Chicken Korma

I am an avid admirer and reader of Jeena’s Kitchen blog. If you haven’t stumbled across her blog yet, I suggest you take a look at her amazing recipes. I’ve had this one recipe in particular marked out to cook at some stage, today is just perfect to warm the cockles of our hearts *smile*.

Close up shot of the chicken korma

Jeena’s step-by-step instructions and pictures make this recipe a sure winner to recreate. Unfortunately, I confess to not having a slab of coconut to shave slices off but I’m sure I will be forgiven for that lol. I just hope I have done your fabulous dish justice Jeena! I served my chicken korma with plain boiled rice – delicious!! I would recommend this recipe to anyone who wishes to make homemade Chicken korma [link here]


Jeena said...

WOW Rosie thankyou so much for choosing my recipe to cook, I am very honoured.

It looks exactly the same to when I cook mine you sure have done it justice! The korma looks amazing Rosie I feel like eating some right now, I need a spoon to quickly take some out of that lovely pan!

Your a fantastic cook Rosie I'm really glad you enjoyed my korma.
Thanks again. :-)
Jeena x

Donna said...

Looks delicious...when hubby and I are where we can cheat a little on our diet, I'd like to try this! Stay warm!!

Rosie said...

Hi Jeena, Many thanks for posting this delicious recipe on your Blog! I know it's a pure winner in our house now and will be part of our staple diet when we need pure comfort food :) Thank you for your kind comment you have really made my day!!

Hi Donna, this is really one dish to try of Jeena's when you want to have a treat and chill out :) LOL staying warm here not going outside if I can help it brrrrr...

Thanks ladies as always for calling by and your lovely comments, it really makes for a nice day :D

Rosie x

David Hall said...

Hi Rosie, can't beat a curry to start the year off, that is exactly what we did!

Just noticed you said the North East of England - where are you living, I didn;t realised? I'm in South Tyneside thats all.


Sagari said...

rosie korma looks wonderfulllllll

Rosie said...

Hi David, I live in Lincolnshire, which isn’t as far up as you in beautiful South Tyneside :) Little info on a local food company, knowing you’re a great supporter of local produce etc: we have a great local butcher - bakery company here called Curtis’s, which make fabulous pork pies, stuffed chine, Lincolnshire sausages that are the real deal.

I agree great to start the New Year with a good curry!

Hi Sagari, ahhh thanks it was a great curry and all thanks to our “dear” Jeena for the great recipe :)

Thank you as always for taking the time to call by and also your valued comments I really appreciate it!

Rosie x

Happy cook said...

Kurma looks delicious.
I have seen this in Jeenas place and indeed her step by step pictures are really easy to follow.

Rosie said...

Hi Happy Cook, with Jeena's expert steps and instructions it was a great recipe to recreate :) Oh my and Jeena has a little gem here with this recipe :D

Thanks for popping by and your kind comment as always - it makes my day go with a smile!!

Rosie x