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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Weirdest Meme

Happy Cook has tagged me for 7 weirdest facts about me. I also agree with Happy Cook that it’s really difficult to write something about oneself but fun for other’s to read. I’m not sure if all that I add to my list you would consider as weird but her goes …..

1. I’m quite supertisous and wouldn’t consider walking under a ladder but on one occasion I did, that same day my gearbox went in my car!!

2. I really dislike snakes even though I live in England and on all accounts we only have the Adder….

3. When locking the house up to go out, I have to unlock the door and go back in just to re-check I did remembered to turn off the gas fire, lights, radio or TV.

4.When I eat Bounty bars – I nibble off all the chocolate until I’m left with the gooey coconut centre lol.

5. If I see a spider stuck in the bath (like you do at times), I have to pick it up on tissue and release it outside.

6. I’m a sucker for saying to hubby slow down in the car if I see birds are in the road – of course we all know they are going to fly away before the car gets near them!!

7. Quite some years ago, my friend and I fed a fox that had just given birth to cubs. We left dog food just far enough away from the den for mum to feed. I’m such a soft touch when it comes to any form of animals.

* I haven’t tagged anyone as yet for this Meme being the festive season nearly upon us.* At a later date I will be knocking on some of my fellow Bloggers doors to carry this Meme on heehee……
Thank you Happy Cook for Tagging me :0)


Jules said...

Your not wierd, I also have to eat a Bounty like that!

Rosie said...

Hi Jules,
LOl it's the only way to eat Bounty....

Thanks for calling by :)

Rosie x

Latha Narasimhan said...

First time here rosy! Nice meme! Just love the look of your cakes! I love baking cakes and cookies and I think your blog is a place for me! :) Blogrolling you soon! :)

Happy cook said...

Well well well i am shocked that you have weird habbits :-)
It seems we do have common weird habbits about the doors and the snakes.
And about that bounty that is what i calle weird i have never heard anyone eating bounty like that.

Dhanggit said...

happy cook tagged me too on this "weird meme"..i dont have anytime yet to do it..nice to know all those "trivia things about you"..specially the last one..the feeling must be amazing

Rosie said...

Hi Latha Narasimhan, Great to *see* you here and thanks for your very kind comments. I have added you to my Blog Roll - you have a great Blog too!!

Hi Happy Cook,
LOL yes it seems I do have weird habbits hahaha... I can't eat my Bounty Bar anyother way :)

Hi Dhanggit,
I am looking forward to reading your weird habbits if you have any that is :) The fox and cubs was an amazing site - we could see from afar the cubs growing so quickly :)

Many thanks for calling by :)

Rosie x