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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Rosie’s Fondant Iced Christmas Cake

Rosie's Christmas Cake

This year I have gone for a simple but what I think of as an elegant theme for my Christmas cake. Firstly, I covered my Christmas Fruitcake in marzipan a week ago to let it dry out before completely covering the whole cake in white fondant icing.

The tree theme is not my own idea and comes from - Carol Deacon’s Little Book of Easy Christmas Cakes. There’s a template for the tree with full instructions on how to achieve this effect in her book.

Side view of cake

The rope effect and snowflakes were just an after thought of mine with a little sparkle of edible glitter sprinkled over the top. The snowflakes are made from plunger cutters that cut into the fondant and imprint their design onto the finished item. The snowflake cutters were a gift from my friend Maira thank you sweetie :o)

For the rope design this is very simple to do. Taking some fondant, roll two long sausage shapes large enough to fit around the base of the cake. Lay each sausage shape side by side and pinch each end together. Twist the stands gently together so they resemble a rope effect. With a little water or royal icing “stick” into place around the bottom edge of the cake to meet the board and finish joining the rope at the back of the cake - voila!

Information on more Christmas goodies:

Rosie’s Homemade Mince Pies will be making their debut very soon this week!


Jules said...

You cake looks gorgeous. Do you sell your cakes?

Margaret said...

Your Christmas cake looks wonderful. Well done!
Happy Christmas and New Year. Mx

Jeena said...

Rosie your xmas cake certainly does look elegant well done! I bet your family love xmas time round at your house. :)

Cakespy said...

What a fantastic holiday cake! So wintry and sophisticated. I'm flying over to the UK right now for a piece!

(OK, not really, but it is beautiful! Thank you for visiting Cakespy too!)

Julia said...

Wow, your cake looks stunning!

Happy cook said...

Rosie they are so beautiful and elegant.I don't know what else to write about your piece of art. That is what i call them, when it comes to cakes you are indeed a great artist

Rosie said...

Hi Jules,
I do pass on bits and pieces for people to try and the family tend to take home quite a fair bit of my bakes but I’ve never sold any of my cakes.…….

Hi Margaret,
Thank you and very kind of you after viewing your splendid Christmas cake!

Hi Jeena,
I will have the family over Christmas Day and I’ll love every minute of it. I enjoy watching others enjoy their food and treats I have cooked or baked!

Hi Cakespy,
Ahhhh you’d be more than welcome to a hot toddy and a slice of cake ;) Great Blog you have too!

Hi Julia,
Many thanks and very kind of you, I look forward to viewing your Xmas cake soon :)

Hi Happy Cook,
Ahhh thank you very much! I am taking each step at a time trying to teach myself as I go along easy sugar craft.

Thank you all very much indeed for your very kind comments and for calling by my Blog it is very much appreciated your feed back :)

Wishing you all A very Happy Christmas & New Year :)

Rosie x

Pixie said...

Rosie, another incredible dish! I am truly envious of your skills! Now, where exactly do you live? I'm sure you have plenty of treats left over to share. :-)

Antonia said...

What a beautiful cake, Rosie. If mine looks half as good, I shall be overjoyed! I am a little concerned though as I don't have much time to leave in between marzipanning and icing the cake. I hope it won't matter too much?
You have been so busy over the past week - I love your gingerbread people and that bakewell tart looks divine!

Dhanggit said...

i want a slice of this cake!!! there's no word to describe it but "elegant"!! wow i wish i could have the same for our christmas :-)

Rosie said...

Hi Pixie,
Lol my family are like raptors when they descend and who’s having what in goodie bags to take home, but I’m sure I could salvage a slice for you too ;)

Hi Antonia,
Please don’t be concerned over your cake, the only reason for leaving the marzipan to dry off, is that any oils from the marzipan don’t leak through to the icing. I have in the past placed the marzipan on the cake and iced the same day without any ill effects. I’m sure your cake will be a real showstopper and looking forward to viewing it :)

Hi Dhanggit,
My only wish would be to bake a cake and if it was possible for all to have a slice ;)

Thank you all for your very kind comments and also for calling by! I really do appreciate your feed back :)

Wishing you all A Very Happy Christmas & New Year :)

Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

What a beautiful cake - it will look stunning on the table on Christmas Day.

Rosie said...

Hi Cakelaw,
I'm looking forward to cutting into this cake come Christmas Day :)

Thanks for calling by and also for your kind comments!

Rosie x

Jerri said...

Wow! Your cake looks beautiful!

Rosie said...

Hi Jerri,
Great to *see* you here and thank you for your kind comment. It wont belong before we are tucking into this cake now ;o)

Merry Christmas and New Year 2008!

Rosie x