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Thursday, 20 December 2007

I’m a winner of Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Competition!

I can’t contain my excitement any longer and had to tell my fellow friends. I received an email today to confirm that I am a winner of Hotel Chocolat’s competition for Christmas chocolates and Hotel Chocolat’s newly launched 101 Best Loved Chocolate Recipe Book. I feel very humble and at the same time very excited that my entry was chosen. Being a self-confessed chocoholic and also my fondness or should I say addiction for cookery books it’s such a dream come true for me.

I entered the competition from one of my fellow Bloggers sites not thinking anymore of it because truly I have never won a thing in my life before.

My recipe I am lead to believe will be posted on the Hotel Chocolat site next week. If you fancy a browse on the net sometime please do go and take a look and like I perhaps drool over their wonderful chocolates on show.

The recipe I submitted was my Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce.

Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for a truly amazing Christmas gift.

Rosie x


Cakelaw said...

Congratulations - well done Rosie!

Jeena said...

Well done! Rosie I am so happy you won something nice as you put so much effort into your baking, you deserve to win. :-)

Jules said...

Congratulations. You deserve it as you are the queen of chocolate steam puddings!

I'm still waiting to hear from Hotel Chocolat as to who won the competition on my blog. It wasn't you by any chance?!?

Happy cook said...

Congragulation to you Rosie.
I still can remember the pic of your chocolate pudding which u served with the chocolate sauce.
It is indeed a very good christmas gift to be appriciate with a prize like this.

Rosie said...

Ahhh thank you all very much and for all your kind congratulations!

*Blush* I'm not sure now which Blog I entered the competition from. I'd been browsing blogs and just posted my entry at Hotel Chocolat. I would like to think it's from your fab Blog!!

Rosie x

Pixie said...

I'm thrilled to bits for you! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Well done Rosie, you truly deserve to win ;o)


Donna said...

Congratulations Miss Rosie!!! Bet it taste wonderful!! Happy Christmas!!!!!

Rosie said...

Thank you Pixie, Maria & Donna I'm so very excited and so very shocked too have won!

Thanks for calling by and also your kind comments. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year 2008 :)

Rosie x