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Friday, 2 November 2007

Toffee Apple Cookies & Toffee Apple Delight Bonfire Night Cake

Every year on the 5th November, in the U.K. we celebrate the Gun Powder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, which took place on the 5th November 1605. People build bonfires and make a Guy (an effigy) to burn on the top. The Guy represents Guy Fawkes who was one of the conspirators in the plot. Fireworks light up the night sky and sounds of booms and bangs can be heard from afar. Food is served at these gatherings, such as hot dogs (sausages in rolls with onions), baked potatoes with fillings, mushy peas, mugs of steaming soup, sticky toffee apples etc.

To kick off this event I’ve started already with a few bakes of, Toffee Apple Cookies and my own Toffee Apple Delight Bonfire Cake. The cookies have delicious chewy toffee and dried apple in them that are perfect for this occasion. My Toffee Apple Delight cake is keeping in with the theme too. It has moistness from the grated apple, a toffee flavour from the dark brown sugar with the enhancement of pecans, mixed nuts and Apple Brandy.
Toffee Apple Cookies

The toffee apple cookies are from Good Food and you can find the link here to the recipe

Toffee Apple Delight Bonfire Night Cake

Toffee Apple Delight Bonfire Night Cake

Serves 8

225g (8 oz) self-raising flour
150g (5 oz) soft butter
150g (5 oz) soft dark brown sugar
50g (2 oz) mixed nuts, chopped
1 large Bramley cooking apple, peeled, cored and grated
4 tbsp Apple Brandy, I used Calvados
2 large eggs
4 tbsp milk
½ tsp cinnamon
For The Topping
50g (2 oz) pecan nuts
1 tbsp Demerara sugar

You will need a 20cm (8 in) springform tin, grease the whole tin and line the base with baking paper.


Preheat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/350°F/Gas mark 4.

In a bowl add the butter and sugar and beat until soft and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time beating in until all combined. Next add the milk and apple brandy then beat in well again. Add the nuts and grated apple and fold through the mixture until all are mixed through. Fold in the flour and cinnamon gently, until all traces of flour are combined into the sponge mixture.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared cake tin and smooth the top with a spatula. Decorate around the edge and middle of the cake with pecan nuts. Lastly sprinkle over the top the Demerara sugar.

Place into the oven middle shelf for 40 – 45 minutes or until firm to touch and a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.

Leave the cake in the tin for 10 minutes before turning out to finishing cooling on a wire rack. When cool peel of the baking paper at the bottom of the cake.

Note. This cake would be delicious served for dessert with a toffee sauce.


Maria said...

Oh my word, those cookies look so delish!! And i'm loving your cake, your family are so lucky! Now pass us over some cookies and a slice of cake please ;o)

Rosie said...

Hi Maria :)

Of course you can have some cookies and cake - here you go.....

Your family are also very lucky with your wonderful bakes too!

Rosie x

Jeena said...

What a delicious looking bonfire cake. Great recipe it looks wonderful Rosie. I bet bonfire night is a real treat round at your house. :)

Rosie said...

Hi Jeena :)

Heehee, I really enjoy having an excuse to bake or cook extra things for events ;)

Thanks once again for your kind comments as always and thanks for calling by!!

Rosie x

Farmersgirl said...

Yummy stuff Rosie, I've tagged you on my crafty blog at


Rosie said...

Hi famersgirl :)

Many thanks for calling by and I'll be popping over to take a look at your Blog very,very soon!

Rosie x

Farmersgirl said...

Hi Rosie

I've made your Toffee Apple Delight Bonfire Night Cake - it was fab. I'll blog my pic and the changes I made as I didn't have all the ingredients so had to substitute (as you do).