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Saturday, 1 September 2007

An unloved cookery book in a charity shop

As you will have gathered I have an affliction or should I say compulsion for cookery books, I have yet again added to my collection. My bookshelves groan every time they glimpse a new addition and Mr R thinks I’m off my trolley, “how many cook books does one person need?’ he asks. Of course I play dumb and either make out I’ve not heard or just smile innocently. Every girl has to have some form of impulse and mine is …… cookery books or kitchen equipment! Give me some type of cookery shop or shelves of cookery books and I’m in raptures. A shoe shop I’m afraid just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

I find there is nothing better than a good bargain don’t you? I’m always on the look out in a little Charity bookshop in my hometown. Yesterday I made a killing *giggle* I found a 1930’s book with lots of wonderful recipes; some I even didn’t know existed. The book is called Economical Cookery by .D. Cottington Taylor.

The Contents of this book are as follows: A meal for every day in the year. Learning to cook. Getting the best from your cooker. The art of soup making. Fish dishes. Making the most of leftovers. The cooking of vegetables. A selection of salads. Meat and poultry. Sauces and salad dressings. Cold puddings. Hot puddings. A selection of savouries. Breads, large cakes, and sponges. Buns, scones, biscuits, fancy cakes, and pastries. Cooking for invalids and convalescents. Home-made preserves. Sixpenny dishes - a selection of easily made dishes costing not more than Sixpence. Lightning cookery - ways and means of cooking when time is scarce. Miscellaneous recipes, including ice creams and sandwiches. All for the princely sum of £2.99 wow what a bargain I thought.

This book will again feel treasured and loved on my bookshelf. I can’t wait either to try out some of the recipes; I do say some, as I don’t fancy trying out a stuffed sheep’s heart. I’m a little bit squeamish to even try that recipe out but I remember my maternal grandma cooking and savouring that delight.

Hay-ho every cloud has a sliver lining as the saying goes and the sun was positively shinning on me yesterday.

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